Sunday, 4 March 2007

Stuff I missed out in the week

Well there was a few things that happened in the week that I forgot to post-

When Ste was in for his opp he had the normal hospital name band fixed to his wrist as well as a special red one with the word NUTS written on it, how right they where.It was to indicate that he has a nut allergy. It would have been great to scrap but they took them off and threw them away.

The other thing I didn't post was that I won a competition on Carolinez Craftz forum (link on the side), It was for the scrapping out side of the box comp for Feb which was to create a LO using household bleach, all the entries where very good and for most of the vote I was tied with my favorite entry Jo Bee. The forum is great because there are free lessons (I never get the time to do any) and lots of inspiration and friendly chat.

Today I had a normal day doing washing and ironing so I wont go it to the details of that HEY DON'T GO!I said I'm not going in to the details of the house work .

The two photos I am putting up today are another of my altered art items and the front cover of my Whitby mini book I am going to add The following pages over the next week or so.

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