Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Hi all I am still here and I amstill scrapping,I am hoping to revamap this blog in the next fw days, I am waiting for either Sam to let me on the laptop withphoto shop on or DH to put photo shop in this one I am using now I have a bout two matbe thre LOs to show off, a paperbag book and some other bits and pices. Take care for now I hope to be back soon.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Hi all, I hope you are well

I had a busy day yesterday as DS had the prep work done for his braces, he has strait teeth already but one tooth has gone astray and is embedded in his pallet, to get at it to try to put it in its place they had to cut a hole in the roof of the mouth then take some bone away and then sew a bandage over to keep it from healing back up, the bandage should drop out in up to a fortnight then they can start work on next bit of the treatment. He did really well he was a bit ratty when he woke up (just like his dad is all the time) but he has been fine since the only thing is we have had to find him mushy foods to eat as it is a bit awkward to eat lumpy stuff.

I have a LO to put up, Yay, its nice to be scrapping again. After doing lots of LOs with only one photo I knew I had to do something different, I dug out some old rotadraw disks for the big dino and the little ones are stencils I have had kicking around for ages, I was gong to throw them away I'm glad I didn't now, I will have to use this as an example when DH wants me to down size my stash.

Take care and thanks for looking

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Hi all I hope you are not suffering from hang overs today and again Happy new year.

As promised I have up loaded my latest LO, it is the first LO I have done for ages and it had to be saved twice the first time was when my cat gave me a birthday present of muddy foot prints on the photos and the second was when I doodled and then decided I didn't like the doodles, I don't have any photo editing software installed on the lap top I am using so I am unable to crop it, I at last have use of the faster laptop but it has tons of glitches on it that need ironing out as of yet I have been unable to load stuff on to my mp3 player, I was wondering if a sled hammer would help. I also cant find my trusty spellchecker so bear with me on the spelling front, I'll do my best

We have had a lazy holiday period and I am itching to get back in to some sort of routine, DH is still in a lot of pain from his op it doesn't help people backing cars into him while was on a walkway in a car park pushing him on to a toddler in a pushchair, then the following confrontation ending up in DH not getting hurt but the driver of the car getting splatted. It must be idiots that see a crutch and a sling and think it will be a walkover to pick on him but then the tables are turned, as it was in the first car park confrontation as some one in another car park before Christmas threatened to wrap the crutch around DH's neck, DH's reaction was to walk up to the guy and give him the crutch and say I would like to see you try and with that the other guy retired to his car put up all his windows and from the safety of his car made rude finger gestures and insults involving the words mad and the "c" word.

Well thats enough rambling for today. Take care all and thanks for looking.