Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Hi all, I hope your well.

I'm still very busy, life is defiantly still getting in the way, I have papers to deliver to help the kids with their round as Andy was lucky to get on the after school canoe lessons, it's his second week this week but he loved it the only thing is he is a bit to tall and broad and needs a longer paddle, Sam is a bit jealous to she would love canoing.

The LO I have put up today is Life support = MP3, on the photo you can not see but she has her MP3 on. The little birds are from a bargain stamp I found it has three birds with flowers dotted about but I just trimmed the birds down and used them on their own. The felt flower I made by using a stencil cutting out and then sewing the detail with embroidery thread .

Thanks for looking, take care all.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Hi all I'm still here, life is still hectic Ste had his operation last Monday and is doing well although he is in a lot of pain, I'm better than I was when I last posted but still not on tip top form.

I am putting up the latest CJ entries that I have finished this one was on childhood memories, as I did not have any photos of my childhood I had to improvise, the LO was inspired by Shimelle who did a mini book using the photos as the pages. and then adding the other elements on top, I have to say I'm a bit worried as it is totally different from the other entries which are all stunning.
I am also scrapping as well, last night I was working on a LO and at ten to ten inspiration was just pouring out of me unfortunately I had to pack away so I hope to continue scrapping early today, with the aid of and easy cook meal.

In the chaos of last week we had tons of quick meals and make dos so it was nice the other day to cook properly, as Sam had gone mad on soups I made a chili soup (it tasted like chili con carne) and used half as a pasta sauce and the rest for soup the following day, I find my self craving that soup now but this time I will add kidney beans in to.

Take care all, and thanks for looking.

Friday, 14 September 2007

How are you things are still mad here. DH has and operation on Monday and I have a kidney infection thats making me feel pants. I have managed to scrap a bit and I have some new ideas I'm keen to try out if I have the time. This LO I used free papers from a magazine I find them a bit shiny (and difficult to take photos of without glare) I took my time doing this one even though it is another quite simple LO.
Take care every one and thanks for looking.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Hi There Stranger!

Hi all, how are you? Things have been a bit difficult round our house for a bit we all have been down, every now and then something pops up to test us, we just have to get on with things.

It was Andy's Birthday on Friday, he was fourteen but we still made a cake based on Warhammer theme, Sam helped decorate the cake and bought a hat for Andy from Hong Kong it was a hat based on his favorite character from the manga/anime.

We have had some good news Sam has won tickets to see Fish, the ex Marillion front man in Edinburgh this week, I am hoping every thing will be OK and she can go we still have to figure out how we will get there, we will cross that bridge when we get there as we don't know any of the details yet. hope it works out Sam deserves a break both the kids have had to go without a lot lately and they have coped with very little fuss, I am proud of both of them.

The CJ I have been working on is apt as the last few weeks have been a stress on the family but reminds me how important to work together to sort things out.