Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Stroking My Stash

I received a delivery from Carolinez Craftz today so I have been stroking my lovely things. I got some lovely "Jars of Love" as Sam calls them, a Halloween kit with alphabet soup (stroke stroke), some gorg Junkits laguna girl papers, and some angel kisses which I love right now I bought some different colours (more stroking) This really cheered me up as I was feeling down and I worried about Steve's opp tomorrow .
I have also been knitting today I wanted to knit a bag I did start off on round needles but some how I managed to knit a mobious band that was half inside out and half the right way so I started again on normal needles and its looking good.

I'm just putting one photo up today I will have to photo my mini books and paper bag book and put them up soon. This LO is of my son it has my fave picture of him on our first proper holiday but I have to re do the photo as this one is to green. It was great to see Andy smiling as before this he had a lot of problems with being bullied this was a big turning point for him.

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Valentine Layout

I managed to scrap in the day today which was nice because Andrew had stressed me out this morning by forgetting his homework and getting the school to ring for it, in the end he came home for dinner to get it, luckily we live near the school. I should actually be making cards as next month there is at least four birthdays and Mothers day so two more cards there and I have not had much inspiration for them yet.

I finished this layout today. I hand stitched it there is also hidden journaling which is just typical because this time I have thought about something to say on it and its hidden, the charms are from a lamp shade that I dismantled.

Monday, 26 February 2007


No I did not go and steal from my local craft shop, I sorted out my stash storage problems I got the inspiration from one the girls blogs on the Carolonez Craftz forum. I bought 12 snap together CD boxes that fit nicely on my unit and hide all my bits and pieces, the only thing is I will have to get used to where I put every thing I still have label the boxes yet.

Found out Stevens operation will only be an over night so I am pleased about that but he thinks he will be driving again strait after. We are all getting a bit twitchy about it I'll be glad when its all done and on to the next one, the one that counts.

I got hold of the old Camera, its on it dying days it is eating batteries like there is no tomorrow, so I may get some photos in my style to scrap.But for now I will put up my stashlift result and my second 12x12 page I ever completed it has an accordion mini book on it with photos on each side.

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Cardmakers Block

Last night I finally finished my mums birthday card, it only took me three days and change after change, I did have a sketch of what I wanted to do but as I started to make it it looked wrong so I had to keep changing it. If I can get hold of the camera before I send it I'll put up a photo .I have made nicer cards maybe I'll have some inspiration and make another one.

On the subject of using the camera I managed to get hold of it to photo the altered box that is on the side bar but Steven hovered around me fussing on which really annoyed me then he took some to but I have to say I used my own photo on this blog. I keep saying I need a camera of my own so I can set it how I want because I can never remember what settings he has his(ours "Its for both of us to use" he said) on and I can take photos when I want,I miss loads of opportunity's for good photos each day. Steven showed me a really nice camera on the web but I cannot have one until his accident payment comes through well I'm not holding my breath it could be a long time.

I have put up two more layouts today .The sibling bribery was my fist ever 12x12 layout and I think it is more on the safe side .The other of my hubby as a toddler I am stuck on the journaling but I am actually going to ask Steve's sister if she has any memories that would be fitting for this layout.

Saturday, 24 February 2007

First Propper Digi Layout

Today I created my first proper digi layout .I found that it does not help or make it go any faster if you bang your head against the laptop key board by the end I had got the hang of it but I still will do most of my scrapping in the real world.

I have put my effort on to show .The other layout is when Steven and I had a day out while the kids were at school, it was great because we don't usually go out any ware. This lay out was more experimental I tried to use things that I don't usually use like the bubble stickers and photo corners there is an empty space on it that bugs me but Sam said she thought it was OK.

Friday, 23 February 2007

My Photo Shop Attempt

I finaly got some thing scrapped on photo shop ,not anything detailed just some little things for avitars

They look pixelated because they are actualy bigger than they are meant to be .


Soon my husband Steve will be going in to hospital, to prepare for this we have been buying in heavy thing and stuff from shops that a further away as I don't drive. The only thing is that you have to find places to put everything ,twenty four kitchen rolls take up a lot of space. While we were out I also bought some bits for scrapping just household stuff like safety pins and buttons .I also bought a CD box withe the intention of altering it but I now need some to help sort my stash storage.

I have decided to keep putting up a few of my 12 x 12 layouts each day so hear are two more to be going on with

Thursday, 22 February 2007

My First Ever Post

Well here goes ...

Today I got hold of the camera Usually my husband Steve hogs it but saying that it has so many buttons I have no idea what each does so I put it on what seems to be auto and hoped for the best. I was only photoing my scrapbooking 12 x12 layouts .They have not come out to bad some of the colours are a bit off but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually.I am going to have a go at posting them on this blog.

I may hve to learn how to size things as well.