Friday, 30 March 2007

Even though I felt fine on Wednesday after my fall by Thursday I was showing all the signs of concussion Feeling dizzy sick and sleepy all the time, Ste and the kids looked after me all day. Today I have to get back to normal although I still felt dizzy, I delivered over 200 booklets did some shopping(food shopping nothing special) and now I washing to do.

I have just put up one page dedicated to fake converse shoes today offering is a tribal design the inspiration came from a t-shirt in a catalogue.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

We have another meet the teacher tonight this time its Sam's teachers we are to meet, I am hoping it wont take to long as I am not feeling great again mainly due to me falling over a concrete sticky up thing (technical term) and baning my knee, scraping big chunks of skin off my hands and smacking my face off the floor so now my cheek is all red and swollen.

Today I have put two more pages from my shoe book. I used the same sort of flower though out this book they are made by just cutting a circle and then cutting triangles into the circle to form the petals.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Sam is not very well at the moment so even though I still feel rough I am helping out with their paper rounds and as it is Easter next week there are so many leaflets to do, when put together each houses pile of leaflets(there are three different Tesco ones (So when you here someone from their company telling you they are looking after the environment remember this)) are the same thickness as a paper so the kids (me with a bit of help from Andy) are doing it two lots and I am very tired now. I don't think I will be doing anything creative tonight unless I scrap dream again, they are beginning to be my fave sort of dream, its just hard to remember all things I made so I can recreate them.

I have started to put up photos from my book dedicated to the amount of fake converse shoes we have I should make a couple more pages as we have acquired some more pairs . I have put up the front page and Sam's fave pair at the time. The photos are not great there is a lot a of glare as the light was bad and I had to use the flash. The pages of this book seem to get better as they go on.

Monday, 26 March 2007

Just a quick entry today as I am shattered. Our trundle trolley died today the wheel came off and we had to get a taxi home which meant I had to go all the way back in to town to get Sam's antibiotics.

I am scrapping at the mo I am doing an entry for my CJ It is so different to what I normally do that I am not sure one thing I can say it is defiantly not in my rut I will put up photos when I have finished the last bit before posting.

I will get some photos up soon, at the moment I am running around like a nutter keeping everything together.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

No blog again I still am not feeling to well, although I think some of it is caffeine withdrawal because I had a strong coffee my head ache has eased a bit Hopefully I will have some new goodies for you soon.

Friday, 23 March 2007

Our Car Died

It is Ste's birthday today he is not happy because our car died and its not worth getting fixed so now I am back to using our trundle trolley(which is on its last legs as well) to get in the shopping.Also he waited in for his sister to come and then she changed her mind which I think has upset Ste.

I have two poorly kids at the mo one has gone to school and the other I have kept off this afternoon but saying that we are all under the weather. Sam spent the afternoon making a card for Ste and so now I have my stash to put away before I can do anything creative.

This morning our cat came in all manky he had been in water and someones fire pit in which order I could not tell, so I had to wash him which didn't make him very happy (wet cat smells(really) bad) but after he did get a comb through he really loves being combed and he pured like a Harley D, he is still a bit dirty I have put up a photo so you can see his dirty nose.He probably has been fighting as well I keep loosing track of all the scratches and scrapes he has.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Things have been pretty erratic over last few days I have been running here and there I have loads to catch up on I feel bad because I said I would help someone on UK scrappers with their blog, I will have to get on to it.

It's Steven's fiftieth birthday tomorrow and over the last three days I have been beavering away (in between going to school for for info eves, going bald and trying to help Sam with her maths homework) on this exploding box (and before you ask yes he is insured) as I was making this I thought of at least two other variations of this box that I want to make now this minuet (stamps feet and goes in to a sulk)but no at the mo I have a CJ to plan this is my first time at doing a CJ and I am stuck for a theme, I did think I might do poems (I'm not usually into poems but it would nice to broaden my horizons) but ask for an exert or a line or two and ask for the title and author to be included so if I want to I can look up the whole poem.

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

I wont be blogging today I have just been told that there is an options night at school so I am rushing around doing dinner an pulling my hair out, also this means no scrapping tonight, Boo hoo hoo!!!

Monday, 19 March 2007

Blog Stalking

Andy's meet the teachers went well over all it was a very good report as he has gone in to the top science set and made improvements all over and yes we did get complaints about his hand writing. He has gained a lot of confidence this term and he is chuffed about his glowing art report (also because Sam is not doing art so his teacher is not talking to her something about twisting the knife. He was Gutted as Sam is very talented) now it's Andy turn to shine.

I have become a blog stalker at the mo I am really inspired by Dawn Inskips work, it is part of drive to come out of my rut. One of my next aims is to use more printed media on my LOs but thats not easy when I have to fight to use the printer, but before I can do any scrapping I have an exploding box to finish by Friday and I have to set the theme for a CJ but I haven't chosen a theme yet.

The LOs I have put up are the final pages from my first book These are up amongst my fave pages and is of when Ste and I were young Ste had hair and I was lot lighter. The paper on the wall on the bottom right photo would make nice scrap paper.
I still feel grotty today and top it all I've got meet the teachers which involves waiting around till you can catch each one of my sons subject teachers one by one, the kids are supposed to get appointments but it just ends up as a giant free for all and when all of that is done we have been invited to tea at Ste's sisters as in we I mean Ste and myself so I still have to feed the kids somewhere in the midst of things.But it will be nice to see them and have a natter. All that means I will have no scrapping time today. Pity me please, or you could offer to go in my place the teachers are really nice they don't bite and Andy such a nice kid there won't be any complaints about his handwriting (honestly).

I have put another pair of pages from my first book today containing my first attempts at using brads and more constructed LOs although I don't think this page is entirely acid free as I used wrapping paper for it but you live and learn.

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Mothers Day

Well if you are a mother I hope you're having a nice day, I had my mothers day yesterday as I went to first ever crop over at Coulby Newham I was invited by Jean from scrappers UK, Sam taged along with me it was nice to get out and have a good chat. The above photo is what I started at the crop and finished at home, the other LO is not finished yet although it looks finished I still have to work on it I will put it up when its done.Today I'm having a normal day washing and cleaning and cooking and ironing.I am still not feeling to good today, I blame the kids they must have given me the lergy.
This morning Sam and Andy made me a card each using my stash and left it all out for me to put it away then they went to Tescos to get me presents and came back with flowers and chocolate (I did share some) and the change that they said I was to use for stash.The top card is from Sam the bottom is from Andy, I think he had a bit of artistic input from Sam.

Saturday, 17 March 2007


I'm not blogging properly today I have a migraine and I'm feeling poorly. I went to my first ever crop today so I will write more about it tomorrow.

The LO I have put up today are still of my first ever scrapbook the title was printed off on the computer I haven't used anything printed since which I hope to rectify soon, as I was dreaming inspiration the other night (you see how hooked on scapping I am, I even dream it)

Friday, 16 March 2007

I Will Never Learn.

No I have not been shopping with Sam again , I put bleach in my washer neat and ended up with a drum full of thick white suds that needed to be scooped out before I could run the water through to clear it, I should know better after using machine dies before and having the a same thing happen and also and the effects where even worse with suds coming out of the top of the machine when I decided to sterilize the shower flowers(you know those mesh thingies) with bleach.

I'm going to a crop tomorrow its my first and when I PM'd Jean, the person who invited me to ask what to take she said every thing so tonight I have to figure out how much of everything I can carry, Sam is coming to so maybe she could drag the unit with all my precious stash in.

This it the mothers day card I made yesterday I wanted to make it earlier but with Ste having his opp it was done last min, next year I hope to make something special.

This is another pair of pages from my first scrap book, they are of our Christmas celebrations, it is also another of the pages where you can see a lot of experimenting with the likes of cut outs, stamping, bubble stickers, paper punches, ribbons, some scalpel work and even the use of on of those little washing lines and pegs used for holding cards.

Thursday, 15 March 2007

"That Would Look Good On A LO"

You know your hooked on scrapping when every where you go you see scrapping opportunity's, you find your self going "That would look good on a LO". Which is just what happened when I was loading up my digi radio from Planet Rock, on their web site there is a photo of Jimi Hendrix wearing a jacket with very large flowers on it and there it was like a flashing neon sign in my head "Oh I could just use some papers just like that!" So its true I'm a scrapaholic (and I'm barking mad but tell me something that I didn't already know.)

The images I am putting up at the moment are from my first album, it was a photo album(the one with the sticky sheets)that cost £1.99 I didn't want to spend to much because I wasn't sure that I was going to carry on scrapping, the stash I had was from card making which Sam and I used to do a lot now we only do cards when we need to.We got into scrapping because I bought a scrap mag for a template on which I was going to use for cards but I liked what I saw and the rest is history .These pages are really my learning ground(but I am still learning all the time) I traced the pattens out of a reference book used for embroidery and the banners are made using punches, the photo was added a lot later.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

The Teen Age Girl Fairy

I am as I right in the middle of moving the furniture around in Sam's room. She has so much junk! I'd like to know where it all comes form. Is there a teen age girl fairy that comes in the night and scatters a hundred hair bands on the floor? (when Sam tells me she can't find any hair bands I can now say "have you looked on the floor"). She is also a book worm, a hundred (I'm doing things in hundreds today) or so books take a lot of shifting. How do I know which scrupled piece of paper is important and which is not? Well to be on the safe side I have just chucked it all in boxes and she can sort it all out herself, although it might take her a hundred (thought I'd get another hundred in there just for good measure) years.

Today I have posted the digi LO I was working on yesterday, this was made with the down load I was on about in yesterdays post . This is only my second proper digi LO and I am beginning to get the bug.I just have to get hold of more images to use in PS6 Sam down loaded some paint brushes for me and is going to show me how to make my own.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Time Flies

I have been playing (rather than doing the house work Its amazing how quick you can tidy up when you put everything in a box) Carolinez Craftz Forum has a new blog with lots of free lessons and other things on. I found some digi tools to down load for free and I have been playing about with them I almost forgot to blog because I was so busy.If you are interested go to the forum link and find some one with a sprinkles logo an click on it to go to the blog.I have tried to put the banner on this blog but I'm a tech beginner I will ask Sam to teach me, at least I had a go.

Today I have put up a photo of a lunch box I altered the box cost a bout 99p I bought three at the time just in case Sam decided she wanted to alter one the flowers were from the bridal dept at Boyes the where about three pound for a big bag I have tones left (Useful if you want to share buy stash).The second photo is the LO I just finished, I set a task for my self to make a LO with lots of photos on it and this is what I came up with. I the future there will be more task LOs it all in an effort to stay out of my rut of doing earthy tones (witch I like) but also I want to do bright and bold LOs to with different lettering and lot of other out of this world things to.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Bob it is!!!

Do you have pet names for things, every thing in our house used to be called Fred once Sam wrote a story where every thing was called Fred except the spider who was really upset because he wasn't. Recently every thing is called Bob I don't know why but Bob it is!

Any one reading this would I live a life of leisure as I have been shopping again, this time for clothes to replace the ones ruined in the pen in the wash incident(see yesterdays post) I got a few fleeces and a T shirt and some trousers all reduced items. Well I'm a sucker for a sale and I don't like spending money(unless its on stash!).

I have finally sorted out the slide show at the bottom as the photo bucket one was playing up, I tried to fix it a number of times so in the end I decided to get a new one.

Today is last day I will be posing the Whitby mini book Only one pair of pages today to celebrate the sweet shops in Whitby we can never come away without buying fudge .The other photo is the side view of the(not so mini) mini book, it just about fits in to a 2.5 inch book ring.

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Check Your Pockets !!!

I will never learn as we are car less at the moment I had to walk to Tescos to get a bit more shopping in and I needed some one to keep me company and to help pull the crate on wheels trolley thing we have I asked around and the only one available to go with me was Sam, again I ended up spending money as she was looking at the clothes to spend some of her money I saw some trousers reduced (I need some new clothes because Andrew left a pen in a pocket and it went all through the wash and the dryer without being detected (the one time I forgot to check and one sneaks in)and it ruined some of my clothes, strangely no one else's clothes in the same load where damaged) In the end Sam didn't buy anything.

I received an ATC card a couple of days ago of off Rachael one of the Carolinez Craftz Forum members I am so chuffed at it I keep looking at it an stroking it I don't want to put it away it is too lovely not to have it on show which now means I have to think of away to display them without them being ruined I have some ideas but I will have to work on it.
Rachael's Card

The two pairs of pages from the Whitby mini book are(top)Ste and myself near the pier and a photo of some crab nets on the dock side, the large flowers on this page were blue but I coloured them in with black permanent marker ,(bottom)me earlier in the year going up the steps and down the road that runs buy the steps it was very steep, Ste said it would be easer if we went down the road I wish we had gone back down the stairs.

Don't Go Shopping With Sam Ever!!

I've been bad today and bought more stash I went in to our local Boyes store to get envelopes but ended up getting Sam material for a skirt she wants me to make but I also bought some brads rub ons, little iron on patch thingies(technical term), cigarette collectors cards, fabric frames, little mirror bits (for Sam) and some iron on patches (for Sam).OK I will put a pickie up so you can see.
I've got a new trick I have just figured out how to move photos around on my posts, see no photos at the top today

The blue tack has gone walkabout today It could be the lump that on by bed side cabinet but that is sort of a cube with tentacles coming out of it and Sam said when she last saw it I was a pig so we will have to see if it turns up again.

You must be thinking how many more page are there in this mini book and how can it be mini with so many pages? Well after today there is two more days worth then I can find another not so mini book to post up. The top pair are some more sights of Whitby I used BG Lilykate papers and some paper clip thingies(technical term) they are quite effective and the bottom pair are of more lovely things to buy in the shops, I was playing around with my big shot finding different ways of using the dies.

Thursday, 8 March 2007

A Card A Day

I have just put up a link for a card a day. Which is what it says on the packet, go on have a look know you want to! Elise Blaha has pledged to alter a playing card each day for a year. I will keep looking in on it there may be some inspiration for future ATCs.

I'm such a noob at ATCs, I was in such a rush to send the first one off that I didn't put the info on the back properly and I could have packed it better to send it off. I must do better next time!

Well the blue tack has mutated again I put a photo up on the side under the ATCs.

The two pairs of pages from my Whitby mini book are one of the shop window of the sheepherds purse with the baskets of veg( although you can't see the veg) out side for this LO I punched around the edges and wove ribbon on it (it took ages) the second pair are of Andy running and then resting on the steps that led up to the Abbey lots of space for hidden journaling under the flaps.

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

International Women's Day

Did you know that it is international womens day today? Well I didn't, I have to say I'm feeling under valued so I went on strike after being asked not cook to much for dinner,being told "I'm not eating that", and other requests that would have me standing in the kitchen for most of the evening so I had a hissy fit and told them to cook their own dinners.

I didn't scrap though I wasn't in the mood so I watched Ray Mears and now I'm going off my strike because the bins need doing and Ste can't do them due to his shoulder.And I need to get milk in out of the freezer and I have to lock up the house and some other stuff that I cant remember right now but I'm sure there will be a list of things growing ever bigger.

The two pairs of pages I have put up tonight are an untitled page of Ste and me having a rest in a cafe on our kidless day out (I love this page I dont usaly use pink but after this LO I have more confidence to use it) and double layout of the sea and sea birds.The journaling reads-All the rivers that flow in to the sea and yet the sea is never full!!

Strange Tings!!

A strange thing is occurring in our kitchen, the large piece of blue tack keeps transforming, the other day it was a dipplodicus type of dinosaur then a leoplurodon and now it is a slug I wish I got a photo of it in its original form I have now put a rather ropey photo of it up on the side we'll see it if mutates any more It seems to like living on the kitchen cupboard doors no one has bothered moving it yet.

I managed to make some ATCs yesterday I will put them on the side to. I don't know if they are right but I had fun making them and now Sam is hooked so I will be tidying away stash after her each time she makes them as well.

The two pairs of pages from my Whitby mini book are some of the lovely things that are in the shops and an interesting building in the area where the market stalls usually are, on this page I used a punch in the shape of a postage stamp and then I used spirelli.

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

I'm A Bad Mother

I got so side tracked yesterday doing a LO (see galleries on Carolinez Craftz Forum, link on the side)that I forgot that Sam's bed covers where in the dryer so when it came to bed time she had no covers and I had to run around doing them .Usually they get a proper dinner but today the are getting junk food as I want to work on some ATCs (My first ever).Oh the poor neglected children!!

Also when we woke up this morning the heating hadn't come on again I managed to get it on by changing the batteries in the thermostat ,serves us right for getting a flashy digi one, more to go wrong, I hope its all sorted now .It's a good job it is the thermostat as the boiler company didn't get back in touch even though I said it was urgent as Ste had just come out of hospital I had to put extra quilts on him to keep him warm.

Today I have posted two more pairs of the Whitby mini book , just some snaps of us on the board walk and a couple of the sights at Whitby.

Monday, 5 March 2007

Mystery Of All Mysterys

I've done more house work today which is a drag as I have so many ideas at the moment I would rather be scrapping. While I was out shopping I picked up a bag of buttons and buckles from a charity stall on the market I paid 30p for the lot, I was very good and did not buy any other stash.

I am baffled today by one of the biggest mysteries of the world, why is it when you wash quilt covers they wrap around each other and all the pillow cases go in side the covers I found myself going out to the dryer three of four times to untangle them otherwise they would take to long to dry.

I have put up two pairs of pages from my Whitby mini book today, the flowery page is already looking tatty as it has been handled so much I may have to repair it, when I do a mini book I like to keep looking through it as I'm adding pages. The second is of two of the sights we saw and It has journaling (That's amazing as I'm not very good of thinking up things to say), it is about the different patterns(Gansey) that are knitted in to fisherman's sweaters so if they are washed over board they can be returned to there village if they are found.

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Stuff I missed out in the week

Well there was a few things that happened in the week that I forgot to post-

When Ste was in for his opp he had the normal hospital name band fixed to his wrist as well as a special red one with the word NUTS written on it, how right they where.It was to indicate that he has a nut allergy. It would have been great to scrap but they took them off and threw them away.

The other thing I didn't post was that I won a competition on Carolinez Craftz forum (link on the side), It was for the scrapping out side of the box comp for Feb which was to create a LO using household bleach, all the entries where very good and for most of the vote I was tied with my favorite entry Jo Bee. The forum is great because there are free lessons (I never get the time to do any) and lots of inspiration and friendly chat.

Today I had a normal day doing washing and ironing so I wont go it to the details of that HEY DON'T GO!I said I'm not going in to the details of the house work .

The two photos I am putting up today are another of my altered art items and the front cover of my Whitby mini book I am going to add The following pages over the next week or so.

Saturday, 3 March 2007

What happens when I go shopping with Sam!

I took Sam to our local craft shop today she wanted some markers for her manga comic she is drawing, we walked all the way (I'm not the fittest mum in the world. ). When we got there the things she wanted cost to much so compensate for the walk I treated my self to a thickcuts die and some ribbon, it made me feel so much better.Oh and did I mention the souffle pen and the paper clip thingies and the felt flowers and butterflies!

The LOs I've put up today are of things rather people ,they where took at Whitby on our very rare kid free day ( I have been told off by my teens for calling them kids but Andy does eat every thing in site!) they where inspired by Shimelle Laine who I admire for layouts of anything to hand and not necessarily people .

Friday, 2 March 2007


I didn't post yesterday as Steven was in hospital having an operation on his shoulder, he is home now but starting to feel the pain. To top it all our heating does not want to work we have hot water and the thermostat is sending the message to the boiler but it has gone on strike.

I am getting scrap withdrawal symptoms I think I'll have to go and stroke some papers to make me feel better. The two LOs I'm putting up are to illustrate Stevens taking pictures of everything and everything. I wrote down what I wanted to journal before but still managed to make a mistake on the real thing.