Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Pucca Love

Hi all, I hope you are well. I got spamed the other day someone leaving comments and links to advertising so now I am modding comments, I like to have feedback on what I am doing and I will put up all genuine comments good and bad but I don't do advertising (not unless I get paid for it). Coincidentally Spam is what my dad calls my DD but then he is a bit mad apparently it runs in the family.

I finally put up the shelves in Sam's room it looks a lot better now she has put things away all she has to do now is muck out her wardrobes.

The LO I have put up today is made with one of the unwanted things from her room it was the packaging from a gift she was given at Christmas the packaging was thick board so the page is a bit chunky, it came with a little envelope to send the gift it turned out useful, I have not used any patterned paper a true magpie moment and saving on stash. Somewhere amongst my stash there is a cute little Pucca bag that would have been great for this LO but I could not find it I know it will turn up now I have finished this LO.

Monday, 30 July 2007

Good morning, I hope all is well! I am stuck in again waiting for a CJ to arrive, I am hoping it is just a delay due to the postal strike and not that the CJ has gone missing.

I have made another mini canvas this one is defiantly going on the wall, unfortunately now he has lost control the printer DH is now hogging all the tools in the house I don't know why as I do most of the DIY anyway, he has until I find the picture hooks to give up the hammer or else. I haven't figured out the or else yet but I'm working on it.

I think technology is against me the camera is really being difficult and now the laptop is refusing to put spaces in properly I have to go back over the whole lot and add the spaces, the key must be sticky. One good thing is that the Lap top has the printer software in so now I can print text so I may get the LO finished that I have had planed for a bit, I don't like leaving LOs half done they could turn in to UFOs if I'm not careful.

Take care all

Sunday, 29 July 2007

I was going to say good morning but its nearly one now so good afternoon. I have got a bit carried away on UKS forum and I am supposed to be ironing anyway.

The weather did hold up yesterday I took some lovely shots of the parade they need a bit of work cropping and things but they will be scrappable, the camera decided to play up again and didn't want to take photos through the screen again, DH took some photos to but he doesn't think like me and the shots he took were long shots, I like the details in the clothing and faces.

I managed to print off photos direct from a memory pen, poor DH, I will have to find other uses for him now I have cut out the middle man and hogger of the printer.

The Lo I have put up today is another simple one, I had never cut out bits of a photos before but the background didn't fit in with the patterned paper The journaling was printed out, my hand writing is not that neat. I have lots of journaling ready to be printed out for other LOs hopefully I will get to work on them later.


Saturday, 28 July 2007

Just For Fun

Hi all, I hope your well today. I hope to take some photos today as the Billingham Istedford starts today and there is usually a parade but the weather seems to be against us, dark clouds are covering my house as I type.

I have put up a LO I made last night , it's really a bit of fun, DH took some photos of Sam without her knowing and some where quite funny in the one I scrapped she a has a goofy hyper look on her face, when I showed her the photo she came up with the title, which is not a lie she did have coffee through a straw and it did make her more hyper than coffee normally does. The methods I used were a mix of different stamps and using chipboard letters as templates and then doodling the details on top.

Friday, 27 July 2007


Hi all, how are you today? I'm in a good mood as the postie bought me a package today, which I was expecting to be a CJ, I squeezed it first and thought "that's a bit thin" but when I opened it there were two car stickers and CD then it dawned on me that all the compulsive filling in every competition and free draw form on the Planet Rock web site had paid off, the CD I have won is Ozzy Ozbourne's new album, now I'm not the greatest Ozzy fan I quite like some of the earlier Black Sabbath stuff but giving it a listen it is not bad if you like your rock music.

Back to the scrapping I have put up another page from the Cornwall paper bag book I am working on and I have been working on the journaling for the mini book, I am now waiting for the printer software to be loaded on tho my lap top so I can print it off directly rather than loading it on to a memory pen then going to DH and asking for him to load it on to the other lap top so he can print it, he gets really huffy if I interrupt his quality time with the internet, if I could just cut out the middle man it would be a lot easier.

And on another point I have noticed that I have stopped titling posts again, I will try harder in future.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

I had really crafty idea the other day, I was complaining that as DH an I compramise on the decor of our house that it was very, well plain and all the colours are neutral, unfortunately cash is a bit short so I can't just go out and by new ornaments and pictures so now the prototype stage is done I have a job to make new pictures.
The idea is canvases made from card stock the uses are tremendous, the name tags that where made are for door plates, Sam made one to hers is the second one on the Sam photo( Sam chose to use mount board for hers but it didn't stick to well so normal card stock is best), another use is just a free standing, you could put photos on them, make cut outs, I was thinking of making one with transparencys, doodle on them, I will be putting tons of these on my walls.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

I have been experimenting, the top photo is the before and the bottom the after, the big bird is one stamped and the smaller is hand painted, I'm not sure which method to use but I intend to put them with the box I painted up that was in an earlier post (that has turned into a UFO). I have had these little birds for ages they cost ten pence( I wish I bought more now), the whole lot came as a mobile. I am still working on the idea of how to use them the pattern was inspired by the free gift that came with SI magazine. I might age them a bit before using them.

As for other things I am doing non craft related I have joined a role play forum, I am way out of my depth, Sam said "you should have a go" but seeing as the other members are kids I think I may scare them, they can all spell better than I can, and my imagination is a bit old and rusty.

Another thing I am up to is looking at my stash and thinking its getting out of hand I need better storage and more stash I had resisted looking at the new ranges form all the suppliers but I gave in and had a peek at Tim Holtz (not Tom Holt the author) he has some very lovely chipboard I daren't look at any more my wish list for stash is massive.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Good afternoon, I have just wrestled the lap top from my DD who is still PC less and reluctant to give up the screen of interestingness and is now hovering waiting for me to finish.
The camera with a change of batteries now will take photos with the screen on but the photos are still pants. The photo I have put up is one I decided to do with minimal patterned paper as quite a few of the recent LO have been very pattern heavy, in a way its one of the "out of my rut" LOs that I sometimes do to try to keep things fresh.
I have to go now, not only do I have a CJ to post and to take DS to the dentist for molds to made of his mouth for the orthodontist but DD is prodding me in a big hint that she needs the company of the internet to function normally.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Hi how is everyone today? I still have problems with my tooth although it's a bit better, the old camera is not to well either it is now refusing to take photos if you have the screen on, I dread the day it dies completely, I will have to endure DH over protective glances of his dear camera, he always says it's for both of us to use then hovers around somewhere in the background if I am using it, putting me off.
I have put up the inside of the front cover of the Cornwall book I am working on the photo is not brill I think I will have to start using DH's camera after all.
I am working on a 12x12 LO I cant wait to get back to it as its nearly finished it just needs a little finishing touch and it's done, I will share when it's done.

Friday, 20 July 2007

I hope you are all well today, I had a rough couple of days due to tooth ache, the dentist has put me on antibiotics, I am just waiting for them to start working. Yesterday I was cameraless as Sam went on a trip the flamingo land theme park and zoo, she managed to get some nice photos which she intends to scrap in the summer holidays.

I have finally started to work on the holiday mini book I did plump for the paperbag book in the end I have typed out the start of the jornaling it is the most I have ever written for a LO or mini book and that is only the pro log.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

I started on my mini book last night, well I printed off the photos and made some notes, I haven't quite decided if it's going to be a paperbag book yet I am getting a bit low on card stock so I may be pushed that way. This book I have decided to do a lot more journaling as the holiday was in 2002 and the kids have forgotten bits of it. I am finding that I am drawn to writing more on LOs, I had always been a bit stumped as what to write now I'm beginning to think more about the journaling as the point of scrapping is saving memories and you may have memories of a time connected to a photo that are just as important as the photo itself.

The photo I have put up is of one of my UFOs I was one about the other day I used some of the leftovers of the BG paper I was tempted to make it very chunky but in the end I left it flat as with the thistles LO the large pattern means and extra embellishments would get lost.Just two more UFOS to go, I'll have to get my thinking cap on.

Monday, 16 July 2007


I completed this LO last night it was a bit to easy and didn't take long at all, the fiddly bit was cutting the paper. In a way it felt like cheating but sometimes its nice to make a quick LO. I couldn't put anything else on it as the paper is very pattern heavy and this LO didn't seem to suit journaling.
With the completion of this LO my 12x12 album is now full(50 LOs) I could add more pages but it's very fat already I was thinking of buying a new album ,that will have to wait until our cash flow gets better.
This week is the last week of school so I am hoping DH and myself will be able to have a run out some ware before we are bombarded with calls of "I'm board" from the kids, some how they don't get the motto "your only board because you haven't found anything to do."

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Finishing Off UFOs

No, I have not been fighting little green aliens, I have just finished an un finished object. This LO had been in a zip bag for months all the patterned paper was cut and I had already tried three different titles that didn't go and yesterday I made a lovely title but that didn't go either then I didn't like the embellishments so I remade them in red card stock and prized the title stickers of and reused them, this LO has been a pain in the neck but in the end it's has turned out fine.

I do have another LO that is a UFO but that was one scraplifted without a photo and I still don't have a photo that's right for it, that's why I don't do LO without photos, other UFOs include the box I posted up a couple of weeks ago and wine bottle gift tube that is all covered but it needs the embellishments on, it is being used to store my flowers in at the mo, I need to find a better way to store my flowers as I have to pour the whole lot in to a big cooking bowl to find the ones I want. I am going to see if I can finish all these things in the next week or so.

As for now we are getting ready to visit my MIL we are having dinner there so it will be the usual force feeding but she is a great cook so we won't be complaining.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Wild Cat

Hi every one, I hope you are well today, the last few days have been good I have managed to get lots done, the other day I finally finished painting the kitchen after it being half painted for months while we sorted out the leak from the bathroom and made sure that this time the sealant had worked properly.

On the scrapping front I have done well to, I finished a double LO last night I have posted these up today. I had made a sketch a while a go but as the LO went along the plan changed. The paper is blond moments, it was from a kit I received when I first started scrapping but I didn't like the patterned pages much, with all the orange elements I doodled round the edges to define them as they where very flat. The journaling reads "Wild cat not! This cat is quite happy to be cradled like a baby and is daft as a brush."
The photos used for the LOs are DH photos that he took with the good camera (I am still using the old camera most of the time and it still eats batteries and I still have to work on every photo in photo shop to make them look decent). On the photos the reflection of the grass and clover really makes Gizzmo's eyes look the deepest of greens.


Friday, 13 July 2007

Happy One Hundredth Post

Times flies it seams like only yesterday when I submitted my first post.

Thank you Margaret for your comment it nice to know someone visits my blog, I was very lucky with the text for the Miffy LO as it was the same as a packet of chipboard letters I bought in a children's craft department. I have used them quite a bit as templates I was getting worried that I had used them on to many LOs.

As for what I'm up to, I am in the middle of a LO, it's taking a bit longer because I have been cutting all the lettering but hand (like I usually do) I am looking forward (now the printer is fixed) to using more printed media on the LOs again, I have so many ideas on the go, there is just not enough scrapping hours in the day!


Thursday, 12 July 2007

I did warn in yesterdays post that I may be doing some pages based on childhood things this is a 12x12 LO but I am thinking of doing a mini book of memories I have been writing down some memories and after reading a thread on UKs I think I will give it a go. This page is about one of the first books I remember, I think I may have to take a trip to the loft to find my fave books to scrap, at the moment I have photos of a wind up toy and a Golly dolly, the Golly dolly LO will have a lot of journaling explaining about my Golly Marcie as at the time you could not by dark skin dolls but I wanted a dolly that was like some of my friends.

DD pc is broken a the mo so I have had the pleasure of her company as she has been using the lap top the run her forum. All I can hear is touch typing it's quite off putting especially as I can't touch type to save my life, I can type quite fast but I have to look at the keys. She manages to multi task running the forum and answering hundreds of MSN massages and seeing as DD and all her friends are stark raving bonkers there is a lot of random laughter and comments. I do get the odd cup of tea or coffee to, so thats a bonus.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

CJ Die Cut Delights

I have had trouble getting photos but now I have new ink cartridges and some photos from a mail order co which even with postage worked out cheaper than asda and I got a 8x6 print as well. I also have sketches for a few LO based on childhood memories to go with photos of toys.
Today I have put up photos of the CJ entry for die cut delights my aim for this page was to show different ways of dies so a button is not just a button it has become a ribbon slide or a photo corner.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

The Lo I have posted today is one made of my mother in law, I caught her in mid sentence telling my nephew James to stop taking photos of her, I like people talking when I photograph them, in Ste mum case talking is what she is famous for but I find the photos are more natural than posed ones, yes you do have to take many shots to get a few nice ones but some times you catch an expression that captures your models personality. This LO was going to be a very light piece but the paper just seemed right for Ste's mum as her favorite colour is green.
The title is made by drawing round chipboard, first with a clicky pencil (remembering if you are drawing on the back of the paper the letter needs to be backwards) then on the backing letters I used a thick marker that does not show through to the front of the paper and cutting around the outside of that line, then stick the smaller letter on to the last. It leaves a nice even out line and is very effective in contrasting colours.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The next few days are going to to be a bit hectic I have a very long dentist appointment on Wednesday and Thursday is school prize night, Sam has two awards (the swat she is) and Andy is part of the year nine art display. The reason Andy has not got prizes is not that he not cleaver they are both even on that front but Andy has terrible hand writing he can write neat if he is given time but you don't get time in lessons and exams and also if you have a lot in your head you need to write down if spend to long writing neatly you forget what you wanted to put.All that a side I don't think I will get much time to scrap.

This is another LO done in bits and pieces in between dyeing and styling Sam's hair (only for the curls to be washed out by the rain), keeping Sam company on her way to marshal arts, then going to keep her company on the way back and other things that are really annoying that get in the way of me scrapping. The pink title and brads are coloured in with nail varnish, its a very expensive virgin vie iridescent it has shades of pink,purple and green but scrapping is worth it, again I have been pulling apart fabric flowers, the vase is getting a bit bare DH thinks the cat is chewing them up all the flowers.