Thursday, 12 July 2007

I did warn in yesterdays post that I may be doing some pages based on childhood things this is a 12x12 LO but I am thinking of doing a mini book of memories I have been writing down some memories and after reading a thread on UKs I think I will give it a go. This page is about one of the first books I remember, I think I may have to take a trip to the loft to find my fave books to scrap, at the moment I have photos of a wind up toy and a Golly dolly, the Golly dolly LO will have a lot of journaling explaining about my Golly Marcie as at the time you could not by dark skin dolls but I wanted a dolly that was like some of my friends.

DD pc is broken a the mo so I have had the pleasure of her company as she has been using the lap top the run her forum. All I can hear is touch typing it's quite off putting especially as I can't touch type to save my life, I can type quite fast but I have to look at the keys. She manages to multi task running the forum and answering hundreds of MSN massages and seeing as DD and all her friends are stark raving bonkers there is a lot of random laughter and comments. I do get the odd cup of tea or coffee to, so thats a bonus.

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Margaret said...

I love your Miffy LO - really made me smile. I love how you have used the same font on your LO as is on the books