Friday, 29 June 2007

Well I'm still here its been a funny sort of week lots of distractions but I have scraped a bit. I'm running out of photos so I will have to get some ordered.The LO I have posted today is of the cob webs that where in my house, rather than put lots of flowers on I used lots of patterned papers, I had a few mishaps on this page I had to reposition one of the panels, when using double sided tape thats a bit difficult also when I read the journaling I thought I found a mistake only to find it was right first so I had to remove the letter I put in the correction pen for fountain pens worked on the fine liner I used so that was a bit of luck.

Ste is having his pre op test today so it could be any time now for his op on his knee, its all getting to us a bit I think he just wants to get it over and done with.

Take care all.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Hello Mojo

Well I got it back, I don't think it was really gone it was probably just hiding, after not scrapping properly for a few days I was a bit uninspired but after messing about with a stencil and different fine liners I found my mojo again and I am now scrapping in my dreams again to. It's my first girlyish LO in some time it was nice to use pink again, I was hoping to do a full on flowery LO but this is how it wanted to be (may be on the next one) if I put anything else on it would be to overloaded.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Temper, Tantrums And Tears!

Well its been nightmare of a day, I was all packed for the crop but every one felt grotty so I didn't go, the idea was to finish the CJ entry while I was there so I had to do it at home, I had asked Sam to print out the quote for me but she did not print it in best quality and it was a bit of an effort for her to do again so I went of it for a bit, in the end I got it printed on the main printer after pointing out that usually if I ask Ste to go on it he snaps at me. Rant over! I have calmed down a bit now (still fell put out a bit and I'm not cooking dinner) and I have finished it.

It was the hardest so far, the idea changed so many times and the challenge was to get both pages to go together The word life was hand drawn and cut, I designed the font for it. I had been meaning to do a completely black and white page for some time the temptation is to add a bit of colour.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Fixed Links

I still haven't done any scrapping I had a school talent night to got to last night which was great, I throughly enjoyed it. Today I will be packing my stash for a crop tomorrow, I hope to get the CJ entry done there, I have been struggling with it I have the quote but its tying in the whole lot with images.

I have fixed my links, I didn't know they where broken until Sam told me, I have some more links I want to add later.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

More Dizzy Spells

Well its taken long enough but its finished (I think) its not the best I've ever done, its been done in stops and starts between helping a very dizzy Sam type her homework, freezing Andy quilts (his Astmah is bad at the mo) and a lot of other life stuff including dizzy spells of my own. I hope to go to a crop this weekend so I may be more productive then. As for tonight I have to go get money for school trips, order books for Sam's prize night and do more typing for Sam and dinner and lots of other horrible things that get in the way of scrapping.
Another thing on my mind is Ste has been told (as we expected) that he needs an op on his knee and it will be sooner rather that later, I will worry about that when it comes.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Dizzy Spells

Hello all, it been a slow couple of days on the scrapping front, life has got in the way again, Sam was diagnosed with labyrinthitis, now Andy has it and I am still having dizzy spells. I am still working on the LO from the other day, on Sprinkles the mid week morsel was very good and has given heat gun a rare outing with the inspiration from that it will be staying out more(increasing the clutter in my craft space) I will have to get that LO finished I have other projects on the go, before they turn into UFOs.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Fake Crocs

This is a photo of my fake crocs and if propper crocs are as comfy I want to wear crocks for the rest of my days, I found theese on our market at four pound a pair, Sam has some, she got the last orange pair they are great .I am a bit annoyed though I looked on the web in the UK they are thirty pound but in the USA they are thirty dollars which is almost half the price well as with converses I think we will be only havening fake ones. No my feet are not dirty, I have socks on!

On the scrapping front I have just received another CJ today this one belongs to Rachel and it is so gorgeous I hope I can do justice to it, the title is paper and prose I am looking for inspirational quotes, I have found lots of good quotes now I have to narrow it down to just one.

Here are two quotes I liked,
By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who
thinks he's wrong.-Charles Wadsworth

The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win,
you're still a rat.-Lily Tomlin

Monday, 11 June 2007

At Last

At last it is done, the cover for my scrapbook, I have enjoyed making it but I have missed scrapping.The ribbons are sewn in with the patchwork and the buttons and other embellishments added before it was quilted. The image below is the close up of the flower detail, the beaded button in the middle is the one I was saying about in an earlier post, it took over three hours to bead it, but worth it in the end.

This photo is of the side and the fastening showing the big eyelets and the photo below that is another flower, also on this cover I have used a coin and some charms. The binding turned out fab I was not sure how to do binding properly in the past I had tried but it looked naff. This was my first ever quilted project even thogh it might not been seen as proper quilting I think the arty treatment is in keeping with the use for it, as for quilting I may have another try but this time do a more traditional quilt.

Saturday, 9 June 2007

Saturday Scrapday

After a few days of making my cover for my scrapbook I had not thought of what I might do on the pages I started the other day, I decided I would do some today and thought that I might get scrappers block but it was the opposite within minuets the ideas where flowing and the idea I had the other day was refined see I was telling you about letting ideas form, its all in the subconscious. I had been doing some really fussy LOs with lots of different media so I decided just to make this one paper and card only I have stamped on it though, I would like to get my hands on some bigger clear stamps with swirls and things like that so I can stamp directly on to the LO as scary as it seems I am determined one day to find the courage.

As for the cover I have nearly finished the embellishments on the cover, I have some beading to do, the beads I have do not fit over my needle so I am threading them on to a needle threader then thread one on to the thread then thread the needle then sew the bead in place then unthread the needle and repeat the whole thing all over again, I have already beaded a button with over one hundred beads. Then I have to make the inside layer which is not complicated, quilt it and then the binding, I'm not very good at binding but I've been on a forum and got some advice that I think will help make a big difference.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Sneaky Peek

I have been lap top less for a couple of days nothing drastic just a clean up of the hard drive and an unclog of all the insides it is now running a lot quicker. I have been working on the quilted scrapbook cover for the last couple of days I have put up a sneaky peek but although the bits and pieces are laid out on it they may change, I did want to do one with light colours but the lack of resources decided on this colour scheme at least any dirty won't show as much.I am hopeing to scrap later it depends on how late we do food shopping.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Short For Time

Two days ago I was complaining about having no resources now I have resources I am short on time, amongst the things I have on the go are the two LOs I started yesterday, the box thing from the other day and now the quilted cover for my scrapbook. I have had to put it away for the night or I will make a mistake on it but I am excited as I have so many Ideas for it. I'm a bit tired now, I delivered over 200 free local news papers it is actually the kids round but as there money is keeping us afloat I did them a favor it gets me out and helps me keep fit so I can eat more chocolate.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Yey I Have Photos Again!

Not much to say about my day I went to the library, I had an overdue book but for some reason there was not a fine to pay I also got out two patchwork books to use for inspiration, I resisted the urge to buy stash and fat quarters in Boyes, I left a prescription in the chemist and was told it would be ready in twenty minutes I returned half an hour later and then had to wait twenty minuets more. Moan over, on to the good stuff...

Hooray my photos arrived today so I have just chosen cardstock and papers and laid the photos out in sort of a first draft just to see the balance, it is going to go across two 12x12s, the card stock is two different colours, it won't technicly be a double LO but they will go together in the album. I am just having a rest now and allowing ideas to form I might visit some patchwork sites it may influence one side of the pages as there are five photos on it although there is no need for all of the details to show, the other page has only two photos.

Last night I did not have any photos printed of due to our printer playing up so yesterday I digi scraped, I can't remember what the kit is but I know it was a free one, I love the ribbon with brads I may use the same effect on a real world LO. I am hoping that the photos I ordered will come today as there is a sequence of photos to go with the one I scraped and I have an idea for a LO using them.(Can you tell I wrote that last bit before the frist bits?)I have also found lots of other free digi kits try this and this on these two fab blogs.

Monday, 4 June 2007

My Trip To The Loft

Today I made that trip to the loft that I had been putting off for some time, I found the sewing patterns that I was looking for, they are a bit eighty's style I cringed at some of the things and the colours used back then but I may be able to do something with them, there where some seventies patterns in as well I will post another day. In one of the boxes was some fabric but none of it matched so its no use for patchworking there where two white cotton(with love hearts on) home made curtains that have lots of material on so they may find their way in to a project some day soon.

Speeking of projects I have just started the project that I have posted photos of, I am not sure what I am doing yet but I have made a start, the box which is a plywood container that Xmas decorations came in from the pound shop (Thanks to my MIL for saving it for me) the inside was a bit stained I have started to coat it with a couple of layers of acrylic paint, it's still wet in the photo, I was thinking of using scrap papers on it or even fabric I haven't decided yet. I was thinking emerald green and cobalt blue for the colour scheme.

Another project I want to do is to make a patchwork/quilted cover for my scrapbook I will have to get my thinking cap on for that one I have so much I want to do but no resources its very frustrating, I am thinking of asking on freecycle for material scraps but its getting DH to give me a lift to pick stuff up.

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Sleepin' The day Away (I Wish)

Sunday is ironing day so that what I've been up to today, I may scrap after dinner, I'm running out of photos. The photo below is the one I was working on last night most of our photos of Gizzmo are of him asleep I have decided I like clear stamps but I do need more practice with them, the titles are stamped and the journaling box the edges are stamped ant then I joined them together using a rule and fineliner I think it works well so there may be more journaling in the future

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Messy Desk

I have no finished work finished at the mo so I have put up a photo of my scrapping space what you can't see is my stash conveniently to the right I scrap on the dining table so most of the time I have to put everything away but as I was I the middle of this project I left it all out last night. The other photo is the lino from Sam's floor I posted about yesterday I have just had a flash of inspiration I may trace some elements of the pattern to use on a LO.

Friday, 1 June 2007

war Hammer

I have not been able to scrap for a few days I promised Andy that I would help him paint his war hammer figures, we only managed to complete the one below but Sam is now helping him too, they are so tiny and fiddly they take ages but it is quite relaxing painting them you forget the time if you are not careful, the other thing I have done is took up Sam's carpet as the radiator leeks in her room it was going a bit musty, first we went out to buy some knives to cut up the carpet only to find a brand new set in the cupboard when we got back, then it was a job finding her floor amongst her junk in the midst of it all I found a piece of paper with I love mum written all over it, that was big pick me up, underneath the carpet and underlay there was a lino Sam said it would look great on scrap book paper unfortunately its all in bits and riped we had to find lots of rugs to hide most of her floor, I will get a photo of the lino to put up on my next post.