Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Yey I Have Photos Again!

Not much to say about my day I went to the library, I had an overdue book but for some reason there was not a fine to pay I also got out two patchwork books to use for inspiration, I resisted the urge to buy stash and fat quarters in Boyes, I left a prescription in the chemist and was told it would be ready in twenty minutes I returned half an hour later and then had to wait twenty minuets more. Moan over, on to the good stuff...

Hooray my photos arrived today so I have just chosen cardstock and papers and laid the photos out in sort of a first draft just to see the balance, it is going to go across two 12x12s, the card stock is two different colours, it won't technicly be a double LO but they will go together in the album. I am just having a rest now and allowing ideas to form I might visit some patchwork sites it may influence one side of the pages as there are five photos on it although there is no need for all of the details to show, the other page has only two photos.

Last night I did not have any photos printed of due to our printer playing up so yesterday I digi scraped, I can't remember what the kit is but I know it was a free one, I love the ribbon with brads I may use the same effect on a real world LO. I am hoping that the photos I ordered will come today as there is a sequence of photos to go with the one I scraped and I have an idea for a LO using them.(Can you tell I wrote that last bit before the frist bits?)I have also found lots of other free digi kits try this and this on these two fab blogs.

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