Sunday, 20 April 2008

Morning all, I hope you're well,
I'm feeling a bit better today but DH has it now. DD was out at a sleep over so I the whole of the table to my self I managed to take over the kitchen to, the LO has took me three days off and on to finish. I messed up a bit when I as sticking bits down and stuck the top bit on the bottom but I managed to save it in the end.

Well I have a ton of ironing to do today and the kids are back at school tomorrow, so I better go and get on with things

Take care all and thanks for looking.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Morning all, I hope you are well,

I am not feeling to good, I have had a cold for a few days but had tried not to let it bother me but now it has caught up with me, I have a ton of baking to do today as well, and food shopping

I started to scrap last night but nothing would fit so I left it and had an earlyish night(still coudnt sleep though) after having a good week I had a bump and felt down a bit but I'm trying to get back on track.

I had an idea to do a doodle page but it ended up as a complete disaster luckily I didn't stick the photos down (they were used on yesterdays LO ) but there were a few good little doodles on there so I was thinking of doing the doodles like I do most of my stamping on little panels, the octopus is the first one, I have done now I have to figure out what photos to use it on a LO there is a cat panel somewhere but DD is colouring it in.
That all from me today, I am planning on doing another hybrid LO I'm not sure we will see how it goes

Take care and thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Morning all,
I have not been up to much usual stuff, DD is revising, DS is sucked in to his computer he is doing clan stuff, he runs a clan its a sort of collective of computer game junkies of all ages who join forces to dominate other clans in battles in the realms of computer games. DH will no doubt be tinkering with computer parts and calling me every two minutes when he needs help as he still (and never will) have full use of his arm.

The Lo I have put up is one using buttons is part of a challenge on Carolinez craftsz forumz, I seem to be using a lot of my old hoarded stash recently, the paper I used was from a lucky dip selection I bought ages ago, I quite liked the lucky dip idea as there were some lovely papers there that I would never have bought my self but were fun to use the down side is there is always a few sheets that I just cant bring myself to use ( like spotty paper).For the scallops I traced round a piece of scalloped paper and then cut out with a craft knife, it could be done by drawing round a penny. I seem to have used a lot of buttons recently I am running out of nice ones I am hoping to strike lucky like I did last year and find some on the junk stall in our town center, its not really a junk stall its a kiosk that can be rented out buy organizations to raise money. I don't get down town much but I always have a nosey around to see if they have any scrap worthy bits.

The LO is in celebration of DDs love of reading, the other day she proclaimed she would die without books, that was after a discussion about books being more gory that films as in childrens books they sleigh each other and rip rib cages open and things like that but if it was to be made in to a film then the rating would be an 18, on that revelation I said they should tell children that to encourage them to read but then you would get someone wanting to ban books. At that then ensued another conversation on how she would write her own books and then be imprisoned with other authors for writing and then the uprising and well I hope you get the drift the point is she loves to read.

Here are two more little owls DS has claimed the first one so I get one of these and the other is a little gift for my mum, who has spent a couple of weeks de cluttering her front room so I am sending her some new clutter to go in it. I have done the eyes differently on these two although I think they are beginning to look a bit menacing, the penguin is slowly wining me over.

Take care and thanks for looking.
Hi all, I hope you are well

DS's hospital appointment went well, we where told they can move the tooth from out of his pallet he has to loose one tooth to make way for it but its worth it as the tooth to be moved is his canine and it will make him more symmetrical, I think he will miss having just one canine as his party trick is to do this sort of smile which exposes the one canine making him look like a troll, a family resemblance he gets from his dads side of the family.LOL

Today I have to normal house work to do although I have already done tones so later I may get to play, though I'm not sure what I'm up to. I have joined a swap that will be featured in the coming weeks on a spoonful of sprinkles so I need to get my thinking cap on for that and scout out what embellishments I need to get.

I made this BIA laced boxed as a gift for my mum I found the lacing a bit fiddly, I am making an owl to go in it and a few other bits and pieces, I made a cloth box for my MIL for mothers day(I didn't get time to photograph it ) and it took less time to make than the BIA box. I was thinking that as fathers day is not far of the box made with bear mats would be a good gift box. I probably wont make one as DH and my Dad as they are not big drinkers but I did see some bear mats on ebay with football teams on them.

Take care and thanks for looking.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Morning all,
I started a BIA laced box last night and what a pain it was to lace I have a few finishing touches to add then I will share. DS has a hospital appointment today just to see what they are going to do about the tooth they exposed in the pallet of is mouth, they intend to pull it back to where it should be with a brace. DD has karate to so busy day for us all one good thing is as DD and her friend rebuilt the karate web page they are getting a few lessons for free.
This LO was just a fun thing, random was the aim and it is different to what I usually do, but I enjoyed it, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, I have a problem with wonky but I just let it go and it was fine(in the end). The photos are from when the children helped use cut back the conifers in the back garden, now they are both teenagers they are not so keen to help in the garden I was wondering weather all teenagers develop an intolerance to sun light.

Take care and thanks for looking.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Hi all. How are you?

DH was out yesterdays taking his mum and sister to visit relatives in Leeds and Pontifract. So it meant I could play all day(in between doing washing and stuff) I made this little tri frame thing inspired by a trypich on Sarah's blog and my favorite artist Patric Woodroffe ( who has also made and painted some similar screens) I was doing a sketch somewhere in between the two which sidetracked to the idea for the frame.

The frame was easy enough took a bit of time to cut the arches and doors but it was sizing the photos in photo shop that took ages as I asked it very nicely to resize the three photos to a set size and it just did what it wanted in the end I did get round it using reverse psychology and telling it didn't actually want photos four inches wide, that worked wonders but it seem to take up so much time.
And here is Mr Penguin with his new eyes, I decided to leave his beak as I think it's cute being a bit crooked.

Take care all and thanks for looking.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Hi all I hope you are well,

I have not been up to much today food shopping more washing and one LO, I think I was burnt out from yesterday, Terrie( who has a fantastic blog) asked how I fit so much in I have no idea, it was nice to have a really good day, one of the reasons for my not blogging was things where not good for me, but for now they are better so I will try and make the most of it while I can.

Thanks for your votes on Owl V Penguin, seeing as the penguin is way out in the lead I will have to finish him, I am not to sure where to put his eyes but I'm sure I will work it out, I put a new photo up when he is done. The little birds don't take long to make at all I hand stitched mine and it took about half an hour, if I dug the sewing machine out they would be done in a flash which is why I don't get the machine out because it would be like that star trek episode with the fluffy ball things that multiply out of control.
The LO for today is titled pudding as it is our pet name for DD, the photo is one of the ones found in the rediscovered photo album. I have said it before on this blog I am allergic to spots and also a bit intolerant to stripes to I find them quite hard to use but for two reasons I will often force my self to use them, one is get out my rut and reason two is as I often but set of collections of papers if I don't use the spots and stripes eventually they will be the only papers I have left and another reason(beginning to sound like the Monty Python Spanish inquisition sketch is this) is if I do have piles of spotty and stripy papers DH will say I have tons of papers and I shouldn't buy any more. Any way I traced round chipboard letters for the title letters and had to stop myself from edging them or doodling on them.

Take care and thanks for looking.