Thursday, 10 April 2008

Hi all, I hope you are well,

Thank for all you comments by the way, it's lovely to receive feed back.

I had a busy day yesterday crafting and non crafting, on the non crafty front I emptied the trailer of my MIL garden waste into recycling bags that had been there since last year, cleaned the bathroom and got rid of the old shower curtain as it was getting manky, the bathroom looks new again, I would like to know the secret to putting silicone sealant on so it doesn't come of, last time we where the great unwashed(OK thats a lie we just couldn't have showers) for a few days so the whole lot was dry and it is lifting again. Other than that I still did the normal cook dinner shout at kids and all other normal stuff.

On the crafty front I made this Owl from this tutorial on another of the blogs I regularly visit(Check out this post to for a semi scrap related thing). There is no template but its not hard to work out my first attempt ended up as a penguin( which I didn't finish but there is a photo for you to see),my owls is a bit dumpy, I think I will end up making more of these little creatures I seem to have gone owl mad recently.

Also prompted buy Sarah on Carolinez Craftz Forumz right down right at the bottom of all posts there is a book of me thread and I have decided to take the plunge and have a go, I haven't done many me pages and the thought is quite daunting but I have started and thats the first hurdle (I hated hurdles at school by the way, something to keep in mind for my book)

Take care and thanks for looking.


Enfys said...

I think the penguin looks much nicer than the owl! But I am not known for being very conventional. LOL I hope you are going to finish him. It looks like a great project to do with the kids.

jay670120 said...

we can all be a bit dumpy at times lol !!!! Great fun items xx

Jazzy1972 said...

I have to say the owl is cute but unfinished or not I am in love the penguin lol. The first page of your book of me is gorgeous and what a cute picture too. Jay xx

Inspiration Alley said...

Another vote for the penguin, but I like them both. How do you cram so much into your day?

voodoo vixen said...

Love your BOM page, those papers and shapes are lovely. Your owl is so cute... filled with sand they would make lovely doorstops for summer days..