Sunday, 30 March 2008

Hi all, I hope you are well. I am a bit disappointed as I will not be able to go to our local(not to local for me) crop on April 12th as DH has already made arrangements, I know there is one nearer but I'm not sure where, I haven't been to a crop for ages I am missing people who understand my need to scrap. Moan over back to the bloogin.

I spent most of yesterday evening cutting peoples hair (my family's and they let me do it just in case you think I go around attacking people with scissors at random) so I didn't get to play but I did go blog hopping and looked at lots of lovely blogs which are truly inspirational.

I am playing about with different ways of laying out the post of the blog but what gets published and what is in the preview are two different things. I will probably have to keep fiddling about with it till it goes right
Today I am putting up photos of a bind it all book I did for a holiday we had to Cornwall, I was going to a big book( well paperbag sized) of the whole holiday but it got started and turned in to a UFO so I decided to break it up in to smaller chunks this book is for our visit to St Michaels mount.

I used the tag sheet from Basic Grey paper pack as a template for most of the different tags and an envelope template to and then went to town with various punches stamps and ribbons.

It didn't quite have the impact I was aiming for but it worked out alright in the end and in playing about I found a few things that might work well on larger LOs

I still may do a series of 12x12 pages of the holiday that is when I can ninja the CD of DH to print them out its funny because about a year ago (probably when I first started the doomed paper bag book) I didn't think I could do the holiday in large format but now I want to take more time and go through it all so we have a popper log of what we did.

Thanks for looking and take care all.

Good Afternoon, I seem to have lost an hour as the clocks went forward last night and I am behind on everything, so what am I doing while I should be washing and ironing? I'm writing my blog.

Well the bird house is finally finished and is on the wall in my porch for all to see, every time I go past it I have to grin, as I said before it was bigger than I envisaged but its fun, I will be making more but I fancy some petite ones.

I may be back later to blog again

Take care all and thanks for looking.

Friday, 28 March 2008

I started making a bird house yesterday, an ornamental one with paper, it has turned out to be on the big side, I will make a smaller one now I sort of Know what I am doing, I will finish gigantor, I will tell every one its a prototype(which it is), I have the roof to finish and all the decoratoins to add I'm looking forward to sharing the finished product. I still will put it on my wall for all to look at.

This LO was part of a challenge to use only stuff from the scrap box. I think this is where I realized the little tag thing was out of control and really should stop, I don't like the title at all I may have to fix that at some point, I have decided to use this photo again for a LO (no surprise as I reuse photos all the time.) It sort of gets lost on the LO.

This is the card made for my Mums birthday It took ages cutting out the little squares but it was worth it in the end. Not all my own thinking though It was inspired by a card I saw on a blog but I cant find the links now.

Take care and thanks for looking.
Good day to all, well good other than the wind and the rain which I don't really mind but if I don't have to go out but I do have to go out.

In my not blogging moments I also discovered a few nice design blogs one of my favorite at the mo is Print & pattren it has caused be obsessed with kitschy seventy style pattern and little birds(I have just bought some little bird die cuts of Carolinz Craftz kitz I cant wait to use them.). It is also why have bought a book of patterns that came with a CD so I can print of patterns to use for scrapping. The colours seemed to be much brighter in th seventies I don't think DH will let me paint the kitchen orange.

The LO I have put up was one using an old photo, (I must bribe the kids so I can have new photos of them) it is another LO with lots of little bits sticking out all over the place and with stamped bits, I feel that rut getting deeper and deeper.

This is a bind it all project, the covers are the little plastic gift cards you can pick up at the supermarket, I worked out the the mini book cost less than 20p to make as the cards where free the pages where from one 12x12 sheet from a kit from the pound shop and the binding was only four hoops long and the stickers and ribbons where free with a mag, the only problem is that I have no eastery photos to go in it but it still looks cute. I found in my hoards of stash some nice pink gift cards that I picked up ages ago so I may do something similar with those.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Hi all hope you are well,

while have been not blogging I have discovered Etsy it a bit like Ebay but better, you don't bid on things as its sort of an arty coop there are a lot of lovely things on there but also there is inspiration to be found for crafty projects, I have bought a few things from some of the shops which I will share in a few posts time

The photos I have put up today are of a paperbag book I made for this years Christmas photos. The bags were from IKEA and all the embellishments where made from Christmas cards also from IKEA.I did a lot of stamping on this book it was great to experiment with stamping on the patterned card and also I used a stamp I had bought and left in the cupboard for ages it was a sort of rotating date stamp thingy but with family orientated slogans on, not bad for a pound and just proof that sometimes impulse buys do pay off eventually.
The bags came in different sizes so I decided to use this to my advantage the big one making the wrap around cover and staggered the pages, the clasp was taken of an envelope template, and if you read yesterdays post you will see what I mean about little tags sticking out all over the place I am certainly getting my moneys worth out of those dies and out of that birdie stamp.
Novel tips time no1- instead of buying a stamping mat use the back of a mouse mat It worked great for me. no2- if you are not confident stamping stamp other card and cut it out then stick it on your project that way if you make a mistake you haven't ruined you work.(but you probably knew that already.)
I hope you like, take care all and thanks for looking.
Hi all, I hope you are well, Its been a while but I'm back blogging again, I sort of revamped the blog I hope you like it its not fancy but its nice.

A few things have been happening in my real life I will catch up on some in the next few posts. DH ended up back in hospital thanks to the marvelous cleaning regime in McDonald's, he now has his arm in a pot as he slipped on a wet floor and banged his already bad arm against a urinal, not good as we had to ferry a car load of kids back home from a cos play thing (I have a LO on it and will explain in a few posts time) before he could go to A and E.

Things for the future are DD laving High school and the prom and DS goes to the university for a summer school its a sleep over thing for a week, I wonder if DH and I can get DD to sleep over at someones house for a week now that wold be great, we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves.

This LO is one using an old photo of DD I just loved the papers i seem to be doing a thing with lots of little tags sticking out all over the place a lot I think I will have to make an effort to do something else or this will be a new rut for me to be stuck in.

These two are Christmas LO done for a challenge on Carolinez Craftz form, it was to do a Christmas LO without Christmas paper, the photos where not that great as I had only just got the camera and it was not set right so I made the photos small to hide the graininess. I am getting better with my now camera now I love it and to my surprise I use it on manual all the time and I'm getting half decent photos from it.