Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Share The Love

Ste tried to fix my oven today, that envolved spraying WD-40 on the fan to see if it would free it up we can here the motor going but the fan is not spinning Ste concluded that the bearing had gone. So I did triple chili, I cooked it early so I would have more scrapping time but it back fired as Andy stayed after school and they have papers to do the only other option is to sacrifice our family sat at the table time and let the kids eat in there rooms for a change (which they often ask to do, their computers are an important part of their family it seems).

Today I have put up an image of a little project inspired by Shimelle's blog (see link list) it didn't take long and I can use it for LO on scrap pages to. I used fleece in stead of felt but it still looks great.

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