Friday, 4 May 2007

Flat Cakes

If I turn my oven up the highest it goes is sort of cooks stuff but not very fast, I don't think I will risk it as it may be OK for a cake but any thing else may give the whole household food poisoning so it things done on the hob or nuked stuff (microwaved as us responsible adults call it).

I'm a bit busy working on a CJ at the mo I had always shied away from me pages but this gives me ideas for a book of me, the pages I am doing are very bright and should be called "ow my eyes" but the are defiantly not in my rut.

The pair of ATCs I am putting up today is probably not a pair they are on the same theme but one is called "tattoo" the other "do doodle" I think they are a bit simple still cute though

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