Wednesday, 4 April 2007

The State Of Things Today

The kids where doing their paper round and some boys started hitting Andy on the head and running off but in the end he turned around and pasted one of then as on lookers where doing their usual acting big by saying " touch him and I'll hit ya " but they kept backing away he had sense to go and knock on one of the doors. In the end some one from one of the houses bought him home and Ste went and had a go at them and got an apology out of them but it still doesn't make it right. Andy is all shook up but now he is watching a film with friends.

Today I have put up another shoe related page in this book all the titles are done with an embossing stencil but as I have no patients I have inked it rater than embossing. This was the first time I used a coordinating paper throughout a book but I think I was a bit stingy with it and could have been more generous with it.

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