Monday, 16 April 2007

I'm back

Well as it says I'm back, not that I've been any ware its just been a bit hectic with the school hols and and more decorating at Ste's mums more feeling grotty (old age) and life plotting against me.

I bought some different toilet tissue and on the packet it said lightly scented after much sniffing I did conclude that it was indeed lightly scented, of toilet tissue I must find better things to do with my time also affecting my sanity is a song Andy keeps singing its very infectious and is about going to "Bognor Regis as we have heard they are panda free", I wont go on as you may value your sanity.

Today I am putting up two pages I completed for a Jenni's CJ when I received it I realized I probably could have done a lot more on my cover and Claire's pages are lovely but I think my pages do the book justice now I am ready to post it an ready to go on the next one.I have had printer probs so I have had to improvise but the CJ rules have allowed for this, I found some swatches of fabric to use for these two LOs and also I have stitched on them.

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