Sunday, 22 April 2007


I feel better today Ste suggested that the strip lighting may have been what gave me a migraine yesterday but today its back to normal with ironing then going to Sam and Andy "I haven't seen your PE kits" to get the answer "Oh its in my bag/wash pile"then my answer to that is not printable. Dinner is all prepared so there is nothing else to do but scrap, well a gals gota do what a gals gota do!

This is one of the LOs that I was working on at the crop yesterday buy coincidence it just happens to be the same photo that I put up the other day I struggled with this one a bit as I usually have the photo in mind for a while and ideas form as to how to scrap them but it has turned out OK . I am still working on the other LO of a butterfly it was one of Ste's photos and I had to edit the date out of it but the photo looks OK and you can hardly tell ware the date was, if I finish it tonight I will post it up tomorrow.

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